E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management Platform

Goal of the project

The project aims to simplify the tire buying process for customers, making it easier to find and purchase the best tires for their cars or vans. Moreover, it integrates e-commerce functionalities with efficient supply chain management strategies, making it a comprehensive solution in the tire retail industry.

Technology Used

The project utilises ASP.NET Core MVC, Web API, C#, and a Monolithic Architecture. It includes web applications for administration and garages and iOS and Android mobile apps.

Tech Stack

Simplifying tire shopping with easy-to-use app technology and efficient supply chain management. The key components include: 

.NET Core

The project utilises .NET Core MVC and API for a streamlined, secure, and efficient online tire purchasing process.

Razor View

Employed for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

Microsoft SQL Server

Selected as the relational database management system to ensure data integrity and reliability

React Native

Employed for creating dynamic mobile applications for both iOS and Andorid

Integrating various APIs in this project showcases a multifaceted approach to building a comprehensive and efficient system. Each API serves a specific purpose in enhancing the functionality and user experience of the app:

Wholesalers' API

Wholesalers' API integration to the System is crucial in streamlining the supply chain and inventory management processes, and it enhances the functionality and efficiency of the system

UK Vehicle Data API

This API is likely used for accessing detailed vehicle information. By integrating this API, the System can offer users tailored tire recommendations based on accurate, vehicle-specific data.


The integration of HERE Maps API allows the System to incorporate mapping and location services. This is crucial for locating nearby tire shops, providing directions, and estimating tire delivery times.

getAddress.io API

This API provides address lookup and validation services. Its integration ensures that the System can efficiently handle address inputs for user registrations, delivery locations, and shop locations, enhancing the accuracy and user-friendliness of these processes.

QuickBooks API

By integrating the QuickBooks API, the System can manage financial aspects such as invoicing, billing, and transaction processing. This API aids in automating financial transactions and record-keeping, ensuring a smooth and reliable purchasing process for the users.


The methodology behind the project is centred on providing a quick and efficient solution for tire shopping. It is designed to address the common difficulties customers face in making confident tire purchase decisions. This proprietary approach focuses on combining speed and convenience with affordability, streamlining the tire buying process and enhancing the overall shopping experience for consumers in the UK. This method significantly reduces customers’ time selecting and purchasing tires, making it a natural evolution in online retail and mobile app-based shopping. 

How We Achieved It?

The system represents a significant step in revolutionising the tire industry. By channelling tire sales through independent shops and negotiating directly with tire wholesalers and manufacturers, The system aims to offer the best pricing and streamline the tire purchasing process​​. 

The technology behind the platform includes a system in which, once a customer pays for tires and books an appointment at a tire centre, the entire process is automated with minimal human intervention. This system enhances efficiency and user experience​​.