ERP and Marketplace platforms

Goal of the project

The project aimed to empower customers to seamlessly order digital services online, manage subscriptions, and oversee contracts through a dedicated platform. Simultaneously, it enabled the company to efficiently handle these requests, integrating a production unit for inquiries and administrators for daily operations.

Tech Stack

The technology stack used for this ERP system and marketplaces platform includes:

.NET Core

Utilized for robust and scalable backend development.


Employed for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces.


Chosen as the relational database to ensure data integrity and scalability.


Implemented for caching and improving system performance.


The project was implemented using a Monolithic architecture in a dedicated environment. Hyper-V and CentOS Server were utilized for Virtual Machines, ensuring a stable and secure foundation. The platform integration was achieved by connecting three distinct applications (Customer, Production, and Administrative) with a unified web service.

How We Achieved It?

Integration was the key to success, bringing together the Customer, Production, and Administrative applications seamlessly. The monolithic architecture in a dedicated environment provided a structured and efficient setup, enhancing performance and security. The web service acted as a unifying force, enabling smooth communication between the different platforms and ensuring a cohesive ERP system and marketplaces platform.